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Ingenious Ink is a stationery company based in Bristol, UK.

We create notepads that help you plan ahead and make better decisions. We believe that the best decisions and clearest thinking happen when you’re not staring at a screen.

Our notepads blend the cool design of the latest productivity app, without all the social media and email notifications that come with it.

We’ve had three successful Kickstarters to raise funds for printing and have shipped around the world. We’re now selling from our own website too.

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What our customers say

Oh my goodness. These are exactly what I need to sort my life out. Do you have any more? Diane

I love stationery and need more of your stuff! Laura

I received them yesterday and I just wanted to say I’m very happy! And now I’m looking forward to the new ones even more 😉 Wilco

I love the sound of a subscription service! These all look so fabulous. I especially love the ‘frog’, the brain and the gimme 5 but really I’ll buy any stationery that looks like it might help me look like a functional adult. Han

Parcel arrived in New Zealand….love my note pads!! ❤️ Thank you so much Tara

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Good Habits

Good Habits

Need to make some changes in your life? Want to build some good habits?

Know something’s not quite right but not sure what to change?

Our good habits boxset helps you track how well you’re sticking to your new resolutions and helps you identify things you could do to change things for the better.

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Have too much to do? Need to get on top of all your tasks?

Has ‘read Getting Things Done’ been on your to-do list for so long that it’s now beyond irony?

These notepads will help you sort out the essential from the maybe-useful-someday and help you make real progress.

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Need to plan your day?

Want to check that you’re using your time effectively?

This box set helps you plan your days, track what you’re spending time on, and schedule tasks around meetings.

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