A sticky situation

One of our most common requests is to print our notepads as sticky notes rather than peel-off sheets of paper. We totally get this – being able to stick your daily schedule to your monitor ensures that you’ll actually look at it. It also means that you can stick items into notebooks for safe keeping without having to rummage around the supply cupboard for a pritt-stick.

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The dynamic notebook

The ship of Theseus is a classic thought experiment in Philosophy. If you’re not familiar with it, no prior knowledge of Classics required. The gist of the problem is that the hero Theseus has returned from a great battle in his ship. The ship is kept in a harbour as a museum piece. Over time the wood in the ship starts to rot. To keep the ship floating, the pieces are replaced as and when needed by replica pieces made from fresh wood. After several years not a single original wooden piece remains, however there is still a ship floating in the harbour. Is it the same ship?

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Scatterbrain journal

Ideas can strike at any time. Capturing them on your phone can be a bit of a pain though. You’re either in the middle of a packed train carriage wondering how many death stares you’ll get it you record a voice memo, or desperately trying to tap words onto your screen before the words fall our of your head (or you drop your phone).

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