Today’s Tasks

A notepad set designed to help you schedule your day and prioritise which goals you want to make progress towards. Three different notepads depending on whether it’s a day where you need to focus for a long period of time, or jump between lots of projects.



The run planner is for days where you need to get lots done, but in order to do it effectively, you also need to remember to take breaks. Schedule what you’re going to do during each 5-10 minute break to get away from your desk so that you don’t just end up browsing social media.


The walk planner lets you schedule your time in two hour block, colour coded to help you work out when you have the most energy in the day. If you’re a morning person, don’t try to do much after 9pm.

Zeno’s scheduler

In the morning you’re fresh and have the most energy for tackling complex tasks. As the day goes on you start to tire our, get bored easily, and procrastinate. So it makes sense to get the tasks that require long period of sustained concentration out of the way first, and then schedule tasks that get shorter and shorter as the day progresses. We took inspiration from Zeno’s paradox with this one.