Try out our Priority notepad. We’ll walk you through the process and use your answers to generate an email that summarises your tasks on one of our notepads.

Note: This demo is automated using Mailchimp.
Treat it like a notepad you’d be happy to leave lying around in a coffee shop.
Please don’t enter sensitive data.


The frog

First things first, we need your frog. This is the thing that you’ve been putting off for ages but really should get done. It’s a quick win that you
can use to build motivation for the day

The priority

What’s your priority for today? This is the most important thing that you need to get done today. It’s not necessarily the most urgent, but definitely the thing that will have the biggest impact on your long term goals

So you’ve defined your priority, great job! Now we want
you to break it down into subtasks so that it’s not a big scary single task on your list
anymore. Breaking bigger intimidating tasks down into smaller ones makes the task seem more manageable

High Five

Great, you’ve defined your priority for today and split it up into subtasks. Obviously you might have a few other tasks that you want to get done today. We’ve left five spots at the bottom for other tasks you might need to get done. You don’t get any more than five though, otherwise you’ll just end up with another infinite to-do list. Pick wisely.

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